An Introduction / What is it?

Email marketing is the act of using emails to send direct, typically promotional, messages to an audience that you have chosen to target.

A digital form of direct marketing, email marketing is regarded as a hugely important and impactful channel to communicate directly with customers, prospects as well as wider audiences. Traditionally, email marketing tactics are used for one of three purposes – to enhance relationships with previous customers or new prospects, to acquire new customers or convince existing customers to make an additional purchase, or lastly to distribute content, ideas and concepts to an audience of your choosing.

Therefore, email campaigns are typically well considered promotional messages designed to encourage the recipient of the email to take action. Unlike regular emails, the creator of the campaign will customarily fully design the email to include headings, bodies of text, pictures and graphics, which will make it appealing to their audience. This is achieved in email marketing software, where the designs are coded in a similar fashion to websites, using coding language such as HTML.

Furthermore, each design and email message can be personalised with information from the contact database being used to send the campaign. This can include a recipient’s name or business but could also be used to tailor the content of the email to their particular interest in an effort to increase response and return on investment.

Whilst deploying an email marketing strategy can yield great returns, there are a number of responsibilities, including the implications of GDPR and the handling of personal data, that businesses must consider before sending their email campaigns. The medium is a great tool for mass communication, but no-one likes spam, so a good email marketing agency will always ensure you remain compliant but also receive a good return from your efforts.

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