An Introduction / What is it?

Campaign planning is the process of creating an actionable, tactic driven plan for a marketing project or campaign.

A marketing campaign plan is designed to achieve a specific objective through the course of delivering a marketing campaign. The plan is therefore created to detail every idea, concept and element of the campaign, so upon execution it is done effectively and stands the best chance of success.

As with any marketing project the aim is to provide clear ‘return on investment’ (ROI) from the activity, therefore creating a campaign plan that outlines the steps needed to be a success is critical. Furthermore, marketing campaigns can be complex and often integrated - blending both online and offline channels, including social media, content marketing and digital PR with direct marketing, advertising and traditional public relations - so, campaign planning is essential to manage each aspect from concept to delivery.

Effective marketing campaign planning will ensure a marketing budget is managed and used to best effect. The communication campaign plan can help establish the media spend necessary and co-ordinate the marketing channels being utilised, and the budgets for each, so as to safeguard the overall campaign objective and make sure the brands voice, personality and messages are consistent across all communication channels.

A marketing agency is a reliable resource to create a campaign plan – whether that’s for a social media campaign, advertising campaign, PR campaign or any other marketing discipline. They will help establish the goals and metrics to track, along with providing insight and knowledge about delivering a marketing campaign. Furthermore, their experience can help guide and plan for digital marketing activities, offline media purchasing as well as the entire scheduling of a campaign.

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