An Introduction / What is it?

A design strategy is the art and formalisation of a brands creative approach to their business strategies. It bridges the gap between the brands objectives and the physical designs created to achieve them.

As with any strategy, it is ultimately a plan for how to achieve a specific goal. In this case it outlines the design strategies to be implemented across the business’ or brands creative marketing output, so it remains consistent and “on brand” on each occasion. This consistency ensures the brand maintains a unified brand voice and a customer’s impression of it is not confused by conflicting designs or messages.

Whilst the strategy will provide the design thinking and conceptual ideas for the brand, it will be the graphic designers of a design agency to realise the finished designs. They will use the design strategy as reference to provide the conceptual overarching threads for their creative work, so it remains true to the brand whilst also highlighting the key products, services and messages for that particular campaign.

The actual process of creating a design strategy involves the gathering of information, about the brand, its strategies, the project or marketing campaign. The discovery process should unearth a deeper understanding of the competitor landscape, the industry and the opportunities present within it, so the design strategy can create competitive advantage and ensure any creative marketing campaign is a success.

A design agency can provide the guidance and expertise necessary to create an effective design strategy. With one supporting your brand, the creative work completed, including web designs, print designs and digital designs are more likely to be successful.

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