An Introduction / What is it?

Professional copywriting helps your business, project or concept describe its ideas, views, products and services in an eloquent, cohesive manner, that readers will enjoy and engage with.

In essence, Copywriting is the art of writing compelling bodies of text, headlines and messages typically for a marketing or sales purpose, such as printed collateral, annual report or website. This text, known as copy, is traditionally designed to either educate the reader or generate interest in a product or idea by using persuasive language that inspires the reader to take action – such as purchasing the product, finding out more about the subject, or making contact with the business.

A copywriter will be proficient at creating professional copy for a number of different promotional and non-promotional materials, such as printed brochures, catalogues, flyers, press releases, direct mail campaigns as well as digital mediums including websites, online advertisements, emails, blog posts, articles, ebooks and whitepapers.

Their service, most likely, will also not just include the physical act of writing the copy. To create a piece of text, a copywriter will invariably research the topic or business they are writing about, interview parties involved in the subject, proofread, edit and source complimentary images for the finished content.

Copywriting agencies and freelancers come in many shapes and sizes - so you are bound to be able to find the right copywriter, with the right topic specialism or expertise in your particular niche, so your copy is perfectly pitched for its intended use and audience.

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