An Introduction / What is it?

A social media marketing strategy outlines the high level ideas and plan of action for a business, individual or entity’s social media activities so as to achieve a long term or overall goal.

The social media strategy acts as a summary of what is hoped to achieve and how it will be achieved. Whilst it is not typically a tactical, implementation document, it does act as a guide to actions that should be taken on social media, the overarching message that should flow consistently through the content shared and how the brand is presented.

Developing a strategy helps ensure that every post, tweet, reply, like and message has a purpose, and is working towards the overall objective. Effective social media strategies will differ significantly from brand to brand, and industry to industry, however each will provide the structure necessary to consistently market via social media but as importantly know whether the ideas and activities are succeeding or failing.

A successful social media plan, will have included a number of considerations. These will likely include the actual goals that want to be achieved with any social activity, real-world insights about the target audience including their demographics and motivations, as well as a thorough understanding of the competitor landscape so as to learn from and better them.

Creating a social media strategy is one more way of ensuring that all your digital marketing efforts are channelled towards a common objective and each activity is complimenting the other. In a world where more and more time is spent within a digital environment, none more so than Social media, it is critical that any time, money and effort is best spent to see the greatest return – which a social media marketing strategy will safeguard.

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