An Introduction / What is it?

Print design is the technique of designing specifically for a printed product, such as brochure or business card.

Often confused with the act of printing itself, print design is, in fact, a discipline of a graphic design agency, where they create a digital design, for instance in the form of a .psd or .jpeg or .pdf file format, for provision to a printer who will physically print the finished product.

Design software is used to compose the layout of text, images and graphics in an aesthetically pleasing manner which showcases the content and highlights the important information. The graphic designer will traditionally present the finished design to the client for approval or subsequent amendment, prior to printing.

Additionally, the print designer will often be responsible for conceiving an idea, or ideas, for the finished product through to producing print ready artwork for the printers. Their expertise should be used for appropriate selection of photographs and any other brand asset (e.g. logos) that needs to be used within the composition, so the finished design is captivating to the intended audience.

To be an effective print designer, creativity along with consideration of the business’ brand and assets, such as logos, straplines and key messages, is key but also sound knowledge of pre-press, print formats, printing techniques and processes is essential, so the proposed design is successful when actually printed.

Print designers are proficient in creating layouts & designs for posters, leaflets and flyers, brochures and magazines, business cards, book covers, banners, labels, business stationary and many other products.

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