An Introduction / What is it?

Brand Advertising is a non-direct response form of advertising, where the objective is to raise the profile of the brand and develop a favourable impression of it amongst customers.

As a consumer we are bombarded by messages in any given day, and each of us have both conscious and unconscious affiliations with the brands we engage with and use. These positive feelings, associations and ideas towards brands are often guided by the exposure we have to these brands through their brand advertising creative – such as TV or print advertisement.

Whilst many of the messages and advertisements that a consumer is subjected to will directly ask for a response, such as purchasing a specific product or clicking on a link to a website, brand advertising campaigns are designed to make a brand synonymous with quality and characteristics that resonate with us – so, when we are ready to purchase, we instinctively know that the brands products or services will provide the qualities we desire.

Creative for brand advertising takes the form of the design work created for the particular marketing channel (e.g. TV) chosen to push out the campaign. An advertising agency will use graphic designers to develop creative advertising that highlight the brands values, identity, key messages and personality whilst not focussing solely on the products or services it offers.

Typical channels where brand ads appear and advertising creative is required include tv, radio, newspapers, magazines, billboards & advertising hoardings amongst others.

Choosing an agency that understands the value of brand advertising and has the experience of using the different channels to communicate with your target audience is key.

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