An Introduction / What is it?

Public Relations (PR) is the art of crafting a positive image and reputation for a business or individual via unpaid or earned communications.

A PR professional or Public Relations agency will look to shape the opinions of their client's ""publics"", which could include customers, suppliers, employees, investors, journalists, online fans, regulators or the general public, so the business or individual is viewed favourably by this audience. The tactic to influence public opinion is conducted with an aim to encourage support and ultimately steer the audience's behaviour towards the business or individual.

Unlike many other marketing tactics, such as advertising, a PR strategy revolves around the dissemination of information and communications using only unpaid or earned media. Public Relation channels may include traditional media, such as newspapers & tv, social media and in-person engagements – which are especially effective mediums for reaching the general public, typically on-mass.

In today's competitive market, where the public's perception of a business can make or break it, every organisation, regardless of size, depends on a positive reputation to succeed and ultimately survive. So effective PR campaigns form an integral part of many business's marketing plans, crafting positive stories that portray the business's or individual's reputation, idea, product, service, accomplishment or position in a positive light.

In practice, Public Relations is also often used to protect a business or individual's reputation, mitigating any damage following negative press. In these cases, using PR is often the primary tactic to respond to media or public claims against the business or individual – ensuring the news and stories told are handled and responded to appropriately, providing a voice for the business or individual so the public opinion towards them is not impacted.

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