> What is The Drum Recommends?

The Drum Recommends has a mission to become the ‘go-to’ place for any brand looking to work with an agency across the world. Using a unique performance-based ratings system, we simplify the choosing process for brands – from shortlisting to pitch management.


> What is included in membership?

Membership of The Drum Recommends allows you to create a profile on the platform, meaning you can start appearing in the 6,000 monthly searches. You will also become eligible for The Drum Recommends Awards and giving you access to assets, such as logos and certificates, to use for your own marketing. You will also be able to monitor your performance through your Ratings Report.

You can view the benefits here Agency Benefits

> How many leads can I expect to get?

The Drum Recommends is focused on helping clients find the right agency partners, not on agency lead generation. Our approach means that agencies may receive new business opportunities, however we cannot make any guarantees. Many clients use to search for and contact agencies directly. The Drum Recommends memberships allow agencies to display more valuable content such as case studies and insight pieces, which increases the chances of selection by those clients.

> How do I become a member?

Please contact us at and one of the team can discuss membership with you.


> How do I invite my clients to rate my agency?

  1. To invite a client to rate you simply enter your client's details, including the company name, client's name, email address, and the services provided into the "invite clients" panel on the right hand side of your dashboard or via the Invite Clients page.

  2. A personalised link will then be generated for your client and an automated email will be sent to them with this link.

  3. If you receive three client ratings per service with a score of 7 or over, you will then become recommended for that service.

  4. Once recommended your agency will appear higher in search results, more content about your agency will be made visible, your achievement will be broadcast on our Twitter account and one of our membership executives will be in touch to discuss opportunities to heighten your visibility on the site.

  5. Occasionally clients do not respond to our automated emails, so we have released the Get Link feature. This allows you to get the link for each client and send it to them in a personal email. Please note that you will be unable to open your client links. As these are open links we need to verify that they were completed by the client - so we send a verification email once the rating has been submitted.

> What do my clients need to complete?

You can see a mock-up of a client survey here.

> How do I know when my ratings have been completed?

You can monitor which clients have or haven’t rated you by visiting your Client Ratings page. In here you can see each client reference and when they left a rating. Also, your clients have the option to notify you once the rating is complete. You will receive a notification on your dashboard when this happens.

> Can I invite more than one contact at a client company?

Yes, inviting contacts who have different visibility of the project can provide you with a broader perspective.

> How do I improve my chances of getting recommended?

We advise adding more than the minimum of three clients to rate you, as this will ensure you become recommended and for more services. Explain the situation and the process to your clients before inviting them, so they can keep an eye out for invitations. Also, keep in touch with your clients during the ratings process in case they encounter any problems which the team can help with. Don’t be afraid to ask THE DRUM RECOMMENDS team for help if there is anything you are unsure of.

> Can my ratings be topped up when I'm already recommended?

Yes. In fact, you should make a point of topping up your ratings regularly so that your status doesn't expire. This also allows members to monitor changes in performance scores through the Agency Ratings Report.

> My ratings have expired – what do I do?

If you have worked with the client within the past 12 months, you can re-invite your clients on the invitations page. We save the scores and commentary, so the client can reconfirm these or amend them if they wish.


If you are experiencing any technical issues, please get in touch at providing details of your issue and one of the team can look into this for you.