An Introduction / What is it?

Search Engine Optimisation, shortened to SEO, is the skill of optimising digital content, such as a website, so that it ranks higher in search engines such as Google.

The art of SEO, is born out of a business’ or entity’s need to generate interest in their products, services, ideas or content. The technique, which is largely used for web page optimisation, is designed to improve the rankings of the website (or digital content) within Google, Bing, Yahoo and other search engines, so customers and other interested parties may find it more readily.

As a result, SEO marketing is typically deployed to drive more visitors and traffic to the website or content, as ranking higher within the search engines is a proven strategy to gain better exposure and therefore traffic.

Whilst the mechanics of Search Engine Optimisation could be considered complicated, the overarching principle is simple. Search engines aim to deliver the most relevant content for the keyword searches conducted on their platform, so SEO is the technique of optimising the content to ensure search engines recognise that your content is the most relevant. What this translates to in practice (in its simplest form), is the process of optimising on page content, such as the headings, text, graphics, videos, complimentary content and other forms of data so that it is relevant for the search, as well as building off page authority and signals that help suggest your search result has credibility and relevance on the subject.

A SEO agency will concentrate on improving the performance of your website in organic search results – not paid results, such as PPC. Their tactics to improve these rankings will likely blend with other marketing disciplines such as content marketing and social media marketing, which have a contributing role to play in the search performance of a digital asset.

Finding a professional, reputable SEO consultant that uses the right SEO tools and tactics is essential. This will ensure all optimisation techniques used are white hat (i.e. in line with search engine policies), and they have proven expertise in keyword research, SEO audits, website analysis, SEO strategy and campaign delivery.

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