An Introduction / What is it?

Creative web design helps make your business appear credible and professional online.

Web design is the process of conceptualizing, planning and designing your website. Everything from the content you choose to display, the photos and graphics used to describe your business, to way the website looks and works is considered and determined by a web design agency.

The structure of your website (or web design template), layout of the website pages, colours, fonts and icons used all combine to create your finished website design. Furthermore, how your website actually works and functions is also considered at the time of designing your website, to ensure the finished design meets the visitors needs as well as encourages them to complete the planned call to action.

Specialist designers in UX (User Experience) and UI (User Interface) are typically used by the web design company to conceptualise and design your finished website. Their expertise ensures the web design considers the usability, accessibility and overall feel of your website, so that customers and visitors to it interact with it for the intended purpose (e.g. find out information about your business or make a purchase from your online shop).

Whilst good design can often be regarded as subjective, successful web design is governed by the experience and skills of the creative agency & designers that create it, and can be measured by the impact it has on the business that has commissioned it, through the sales, enquiries and engagement it generates.

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