An Introduction / What is it?

Responsive web design is the craft of developing a website or digital application so that it displays in a pleasant and user-friendly way, regardless of the device being used to view it.

A direct response to the proliferation of mobile devices and how we access the internet, responsive design ensures that every visitor to your website is presented with a design that is representative of your brand and how you intended the website to be viewed.

A responsive website will therefore adapt to any screen size, such as desktop, mobile or tablet, so the user can view and interact with it in the same way as a user on a different device. It achieves this by instinctively modifying and rearranging elements of the website, such as logos, text, photos, graphics and layout to fit the screen size of the device.

A web developer will build this instinctive behaviour into the code of the website, using flexible grids and layouts, combined with intelligent use of CSS media queries, that automatically respond to the devices screen resolution.

Making sure your website or application is pleasant, easy to view and use on every device is imperative in a world where consumers and businesses continue to use a greater variety of devices to consume internet content. Furthermore, responsive design has other benefits including load speed, a reduction in ecommerce cart abandonment and a better user experience which both visitors and search engines, such as Google, appreciate.

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