An Introduction / What is it?

A digital strategy helps you to plan and strategise your digital marketing activities for best effect and to ensure you receive the greatest return from your digital campaigns.

Often referred to as a digital marketing strategy, it is the process of creating a blueprint for your digital campaigns and assets, such as websites, so you know what you plan to do, how you are going to do it and what the expected return will be for completing the strategy

As businesses continue to favour digital strategies more and more for their marketing, creating a digital strategy to outline your ideas and plans has never been more important. It will help you define the opportunities within your market, who you are targeting and how you must communicate with them. Furthermore, it will outline the specific tactics you intend to use across the entire digital landscape, considering channels such as SEM (Search Engine Marketing), SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) content marketing, social media, digital PR, PPC and your website itself.

Designing an effective digital marketing strategy comes from an indepth knowledge of the technologies & tactics that are available, combined with real world experience of executing said plans. This is where a digital marketing consultancy adds value, as they are perfectly placed to help define all intricacies of a digital strategy, providing a clear plan to execute, which will be based on the latest industry insights and purposeful research & knowledge about your particular marketplace.

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