Michelle Watt, City of Glasgow College

" AiP are one of the most client-responsive, supportive and proactive agencies I have come across. They are innovative in their approach to finding digital solutions which best reflect our brand and to help us stand out in a very competitive market. They have consistently delivered on time and to budget (with great account management) for each campaign agreed. On top of that they are a lovely bunch of people who's professionalism and tech competency is only outdone by their enthusiasm, attention to detail and willingness to offer extra support when needed most. "

Jane Dawson, University of Bristol

" I have been really impressed with AiP and their willingness to learn what we need as a client and adapting to meet these requirements. The partnership has become very strong and is delivering some excellent campaigns with quality ROI. They approach campaigns with expertise and a rounded approach that is cognisant of our campaign goals as an institution; it feels like a very bespoke approach to digital marketing. I have been particularly impressed by their awareness of platform developments and their vigilance when optimising our campaigns. "

Tamsin Fidgeon, Institute for Cancer Research

" I feel like they actually enjoy their work and care about what they deliver. "

Ben Reynolds, SuperCamps

" AIP have created considerable value for our organisation and have unlocked improvements in our marketing process that would be otherwise impossible. They are dynamic, responsive, efficient and personable. "

Luke Jennings, University of Bristol

" Very responsive and great at campaign monitoring and optimising. "

Carl Whinder, City, University of London

" Not only are the guys at AiP experts in their field but they provide a holistic approach to everything they do, from a willingness to collaborate and find solutions that suited us to pushing for innovation and testing to maximise campaign effectiveness. With a focus on account management that is matched by output and effectiveness, AiP have helped us achieve great results in all the campaigns we have run with them. "

Sandeep Kutty, City, University of London

" I like the positive energy and humility of the team. They are obviously hugely knowledgeable and talented but let their results and achievements speak for themselves - as evidenced at their initial pitch with City. In all our interactions, I've felt like a collaborator rather than a client, never patronised and my own marketing ideas/opinions listened to. I have zero dislikes. "

Tim Ruthven, Imperial College London

" Anything is Possible live up to their name. They are a true partner who never stop looking for ways to add value to our collaboration. In a year unlike any other for Imperial College, it has been exceptional to have their skill and expertise on our side. "

Richard White, Bibby Financial Services

" Good strategic advice and expertise in radio and outdoor especially through the planning and implementation phases. Able to react swiftly and make changes to plans and negotiate well on our behalf. "

Pippa Cornock, Bordeaux Index

" Love the friendly team, creativity, passion and interest in the work and our brand. "

James Tesar, Wayhome

" AIP were a brilliant agency to work with and I think they understand the value of building a good working relationship with their clients. They delivered on what was asked and brought fresh ideas to that table that we considered to be realistic but challenging (in a good way). I would highly recommend them to both big/established and small/starting-out brands as an agency that can deliver results in the right way for you. "

Charlotte Waring, Bordeaux Index

" AIP are THE most client-responsive, supportive and proactive agencies I have ever worked with...and I've worked with a lot of different agencies! Their innovative approach and commitment to transparency lives through everything that they do and how they work, they purposefully put the client success first and not only do you know you are supported by the team but that they have put together winning and proven strategies. They have totally got under the skin of the brand and have become a total extension of the business, they are a fantastic team of people to work with and I look forward to our meetings, they are enthusiastic, professional and totally tech savvy, which is topped off with their total support and attention when you need it most. You feel like they totally have your back....what more could you want from your agency? "