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Top 100

Phil Butler, Atkins Global

" AUK are 'the' go-to agency for all your digital marketing communication needs. They have always produced excellent, informed and impactful work for me, sometimes under very challenging circumstances producing effective creative strategies to meet desired outcomes and ROI. I personally highly recommend them, and they will progress with me wherever my career takes me. - Phill Butler, Atkins/SNC-Lavalin Digital Marketing Manager - New Products & Group Services "

Tim Holden, Amdaris

" AUK have elevated our brand proposition from the literal to a concept driven approach, whilst providing much needed clarity around our product offerings. Highly recommend Sammy and the team. "

Amy Perrin, Marmalade Trust

" We were incredibly fortunate to be selected for support on a short campaign brief. It was great working with Agency UK, they were enthusiastic, motivated and totally understood our brand and cause. The results are fantastic and would highly recommend. Amy Perrin, Founder of Marmalade Trust "

James Bailey, Longleat

" AUK understand who we are as a business and have helped articulate this through a well thought out brand proposition. "

Matt Jenkins, Footdown

" AUK are just great! They have been my go to agency for as long as I can remember and I trust them implicitly. Their advice and guidance on how to get the best out of marketing is always spot on and their creativity and execution is always to the quality and excellence I have come to expect from the team. I simply cant speak highly enough of this team and this organisation. "

Rhys Llywelyn, Meat Promotion Wales

" We enjoyed working with Agency UK, this shows they delivered effective work for us on time and on budget. Their friendly outlook and approachable staff delivered excellent standards of work. Being a fairly small company makes them competitive lean and hungry for work. You'll not be disappointed if you hire these guys and girls to deliver for you. "

Robert Woodford, Cititec Associates

" I'd never recommend AgencyUK to any of our competitors... "

Eleanor Ragg, Chang Beer

" Working with Hannah and the team is reassuring. They're creative, and innovative with our budgets and the ideas always help us punch above our weight in trade and consumer PR. "

Richard Catlin,

" We wanted an agency that could not only deliver on our initial and ongoing project requirements, but one that we could develop a long-term relationship with founded on trust and a deep understanding of our business - to the extent that it was considered an extension of our marketing function. We found that with AgencyUK. "

Andy Rogers, Amdaris

" Great company, Very supportive and super results. "

Andrew Siddorn, Snap Live

" Great team, highly creative. "

Emma Thackara, Eaglemoss

" AgencyUK have a great team who I highly recommend. We've worked with them consistently on projects since 2012. "

Sanjay Mistry, Slimsticks and Innovate Health Group

" The whole team are good, each offers a good level on industry knowledge and technical expertise. "

Nick Clarkson, CreditCall

" We worked together prior to me joining CreditCall so I know how the team work. The UX and technical team are exceptional and they've embraced Agile project delivery and rapid prototyping which helps us get to market fast. Couldn't ask for a better more committed group of people to have my back. "

Jenny Caldwell, Devon County Council

" Very effective campaign. Alex was account manager. "

Rama Razeghi, Blade Dynamics

" All individuals at the agency are professional and a pleasure to work with. We increasingly rely ont hem for marketing communications work, and they prove themeselves year after year, that they are able to grow alongside our business. "

Anna Christofis, Kiernanwood

" Absolutely superb team that have really taken the time to understand our business and our proposition. They're an invaluable partner. "

Talal McTiernon, M&M Holdings (Cables, Cablex Datwyler)

" Saman has built a good agency with a good reputation and we have been delighted with the service. Paul S is our technical contact, and he has always been helpful and knowledgable. He makes technology work for us and our teams. We have full confidence in The Agency and see a continued long term relationship with them. "