Robert Newton, Symphony Group

" Great team, creative ideas and fantastic artwork. We enjoy working with the team at Vivid, they create marketing collateral that is perfect for our brands. "

Daniel Bumby, Simoda

" great team and full of fantastic ideas "

Jon Asquith, Action Coach Sheffield

" We have used Vivid for over three years now as our chosen external agency. They never fail to deliver. It's always on time, in time and beyond expectations from a delivery and return perspective. "

Kieron Loy, InEpact

" What I like about Vivid is the result they achieved for us with the projects. We are highly demanding but they instilled confidence and managed the projects professionally taking pressure off me. Vivid's pricing is reasonable and transparent, they do come in on budget with no surprises. I love their infectious enthusiasm, professionalism and creativity that is obvious when dealing with the staff at Vivid. What I dislike is they are not local (We are in Stockholm). Maybe a visit, and face to face meeting could push Vivid to excel further, hard to say. "

Scott Devonshire, Duro Diamonds

" I highly recommend Vivid Creative to any marketing professional looking for an agency to work with that will deliver the best results possible and return on investment for your company - I also recommend Vivid Creative to anyone not currently working with an agency because you need to be working with a team like this. Speak to them and you soon realise why. "