Daniel Stocks, DPS Facades

" Absolutely brilliant quality of work "

Marie Hanby, Serenity Parks

" I have worked with Vivid for over 15 years (in previous roles as well as existing) and have always found them to have a strategic approach when implementing design - both online and offline. I have always received a high level of service and find them to be a friendly and experienced agency who are always innovating and adapting to give the best results. Would highly recommend. "

David Garney, First Hampshire, Dorset and Berkshire

" Very good and would highly recommend for digital marketing campaigns. "

Mark Mobbs, Sheffield City Council

" Working with the team at Vivid was a pleasure - we had to massively shift the brief half way through because of the pandemic (it was originally an external campaign!), but they still totally embraced what we were trying to do for the city with Make Yourself At Home and produced a really nice simple system that we could share to support the local economy and encourage consumer confidence. We still have lots more planned to continue to help internally in the city, as well as starting to think how we do eventually take it externally - so watch this space! "