We are a youth marketing agency based in London, that specialises in big data, cultural intelligence, and youth. Our core services include insight, strategy, and creative. Our work is powered by Frontline: a dynamic cultural intelligence, consumer panel, and research tool that gets brands closer to consumer centricity with the street culture youth consumer - 65% of all Gen-Z. Illuminate your blindspot, get in touch.

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Fashion, FMCG, Food and drink, Retail, Sport


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  • Coca Cola
  • Havana Club
  • Puma
  • Timberland Europe
  • Lacoste (Pentland Group)
  • Deliveroo
  • Casio G-Shock
  • Ellesse
  • Lynx/Unilever
  • The North Face


"NERDS were fantastic in understanding the brief that we were trying to deliver, and providing a comprehensive (and exciting) creative response that allowed us to enter a space and authentically speak to a new audience. The campaign planning, production and execution were all top-class, and we were really impressed by the management throughout the process. I'd highly recommend NERDS to any brands who are trying to connect with a young and diverse audience, they have genuine knowledge and understanding of this tough to reach demographic which can not be replicated through research."

The FA

"Based on the last two campaigns that the NERDS Collective have delivered to JBL - I would fully recommend them."


"Luke and the Nerds team are great agency partners. They are collaborative, flexible and bring exactly the deep knowledge of youth consumers needed in order for brands to connect authentically and credibly."