Somewhere in the last few years, marketing became everything. CMOs today are no longer tasked with messaging and advertising. They're being asked to deliver business growth. They need to find consumers across a fractured landscape--and connect with them emotionally at scale. They can't do that with an agency. They can't achieve growth with a vendor or an account. They need partners. They need a team that understands their business, their customers, and how to use increasingly critical digital tools and channels to connect the dots across the globe.

We are iCrossing. We are a single, purpose-built team that understands business objectives at the highest level and has the capabilities to achieve them at the most granular interaction. We have a track record of driving growth, because we are data-driven at our core, while deeply understanding of the strategy every organization needs to reach its objectives.

Our team is built around five main strengths:

Strategy. We are strategic partners, able to understand businesses and how to make them grow in today's digitally-driven landscape.

Technology. We know technology because it's what connects the world today.

Media. We have deep performance media expertise to enable you to find the right person with the right message at the right moment.

Data. We are built with data at our core, able to understand customer behavior, unlock performance opportunity, and deliver actionable insights that make a real difference to your business.

Creative and Content. We bring world-class creative capabilities to make an emotional connection to your audience across communications and digital experiences. We know it's not about the awards; it's about the results

Growth doesn't happen by magic. It happens because of careful planning and intelligent execution. We only succeed if our customers succeed, and that's why we try to start working with them as early in the transformation process as possible. By getting things right in the beginning, we set the stage for a more efficient and growth-oriented future. As partners, we always work in a cross-disciplinary way--no silos--side-by-side with our clients. Partnership means fewer briefs and reviews--and more discussions about roadmaps and possibilities. It means doing, not saying, and trying everything to business results.

Growth Partners is not a slogan, a tagline, or a story. It is what iCrossing has built itself to be. It's who we are, who we have been, and what we stand for. We are Growth Partners. It's that simple.

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Automotive, Business to Business, Consumer Durables, Cosmetics/Beauty, Education, Fashion, Financial, FMCG, Food and drink, Healthcare, Leisure, Media, Public sector, Retail, Sport, Telecoms, Tourism, Travel, Utilities


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  • L'Oreal
  • M&S
  • Hobbycraft
  • River Island
  • Direct Line for Business
  • Forevermark
  • American Express
  • Aldi
  • Pfizer
  • Barclays


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"As specialists in Search, iCrossing are able to offer a complete SEO service, which constantly adapts to changes in an ever evolving industry. The team also demonstrates a high level competency, in terms of strategic thinking and the quality of work delivered. In summary, we have been very pleased with the support and strategic vision of iCrossing so far in 2019."

Barclays Retail

"iCrossing have an excellent view of cross channel technologies and how to leverage them. Their ability to create strategies and stay abreast of industry developments is changing the way this business plans campaigns, improving both conversions, and cost and time efficiencies."