Adam Taylor (Head of Studio)

Adam Taylor


The Beginning

I was studying design at Salford Uni when I met my first boss-to-be. I was on holiday in sunny Kos. He was a part-time deep sea sponge diver, waiting tables at a local teverna and a bit the worse for wear on Ouzo. Me too. (Call it a meeting of minds – we were both out of ours.)

Anyway fast forward a year or so. I was now part of my new boss’s creative team producing snazzy stuff for a variety of local businesses.

Since then I’ve worked for an assortment of agencies as well as inhouse for some larger household names, gaining valuable experience from both a creative and leadership perspective, all of which I bring to the table at Harrison Carloss.

What I do

I lead the design and development side of things here aboard the Harrison Carloss deep sea submersible, ensuring that everything we do is top notch and watertight.

I love talking about the great work we do too, so you’ll often find me in front of clients talking them through ideas and creations.

A bit about me

Outside of work (when the tide’s in) I’m a keen runner and mountain-biker, as well as a dad to a young, mischievous son. When not chasing round after him, you can find me in my local pub or eating cheese. Or both.

(But the sea is always calling…calling…)