Your success is in your brand’s DNA

In today’s overcrowded marketplace, it goes without saying that a brand must create an identity that expresses its very own distinct and unique qualities to stand out.

Fine, but just consider how many other brands are competing in the same sector with near identical products, similar values, a comparable mission, approach, etc…

So how can a brand best define itself to its audience so it shines out from the herd? Does it do it through its amazing products? Its quirky advertising style? The design of its logo? Its livery, tone of voice, its people?

The magic ingredient…. ?

Your data – your DNA.

Think of your brand’s data as its DNA. Customer insights, qualitative and quantative research to diagnose and understand the market, the competition, category, product testing, and the very heart and soul of the brand itself – all lie buried in your data.

In the right hands, this DNA can be harnessed to create highly immersive customer experiences around your brand rather than someone else’s; authentic experiences that resonate with audiences in ways that matter to your bottom line.

It’s the DNA in your data that enables you to create storytelling that feels personal and develops authentic customer experiences in a way that is much more honest, intimate and engaging.

As a way to lift you above the crowd, your brand’s unique data is priceless.

Ok, you say, so how do I get around the fact that in today’s multi-channel, multi-device world, everything generates data? Every single day I could find myself trying to integrate millions of pieces of data into a cohesive and meaningful form.  

True, reports once took hours, days or even weeks. But that was then. Such are the advances in tech now, an effective data strategy can give you realtime campaign success tracking, predictive live ROI calculation, brand steering, and much more.

Today’s data can crunch the insights that help you find the most relevant message that actually matters to the people you’re talking to. Which actually means you have the ability to turn your data into personalised content, and deliver it where and when you want it. 

When you begin to appreciate just what your own unique data can really do for you, it’s no surprise that brands who use the DNA of their data successfully to inform business decisions are seeing the most growth.


Originally posted on Harrison Carloss.