Jon Barmby, TenB

" Driftime is a fantastic company to collaborate with, offering innovative solutions, unwavering trustworthiness, and a team of genuinely kind individuals dedicated to producing thoughtful work. "

Lemma Carvil, Rise Accountants

" Driftime Media really understood our vision and made it a reality. It was an easy process from the beginning to the end. We have ongoing work with them and I look forward to what the future will bring. "

Martin Edwards, Spin Up

" Driftime have been a long standing ethical design parent partner of ours, bringing a wide range of exciting and sustainable projects for us to help with their technical needs. I couldn't recommend working with them enough. Particularly if you want a talented team to help improve your business's chance of success, not just to deliver industry leading design. "

Sarah Henderson, Echo

" We loved working with Driftime because we aligned on values, they understood our needs quickly and they delivered great results on time and on budget. They are a genuinely lovely team of people and always went the extra mile to deliver great service. "

Kirsty Taylor, CPI

" Driftime has a professional and responsive team with excellent communications and organization that made the design process seamless for the ClimateShot Investor Coalition website - they understood our requirements and applied innovation and expertise to take our project to the next level. It was refreshing and enlightening to work with them and we are now engaging them for further projects. We also appreciate the team's positive environmental and social agendas as a Certified B Corporation - it's great to work with an expert team that shares and strives to further the values of our organization. "

Tanya Christensen, The Lausanne Guide

" They are easy to work with, have so much talent, and get the job done. In some ways, they over-deliver - providing a delight factor that is always fun to discover. We also love their sustainable approach which even guided us in our self-discovery as a sustainable brand as well. Of course, they are a bit more premium in terms of pricing, and for our small business it was a big investment, but they are worth every penny. "

Keir Monteith , Art Not Evidence

" DT hit the ground running on our project and just haven't stopped. I don't think they can be stopped! From day one DT has carefully guided us through the design process; provided extra advice and encouragement and promptly responded to our tweaks [ I suspect they were much more than tweaks!]. Thereafter the additional suggestions and thoughts on how the campaign could build on the website and the redaction concept have been invaluable and we really do look forward to working, with DT, on all of these in the future. 10 out of 10 for DT. I would highly recommend. "