Replatforming from DNN (DotNetNuke) to a Modern CMS or DXP

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In this article, I am going to explain – via some background and historical context before moving onto a number of key reasons – why moving from DNN (Platform or Evoq editions) to a modern CMS or DXP for your website is likely already well overdue for your organisation.

A Brief History of DNN & Cantarus 

DNN was originally developed by noted open-source guru (and all-round nice guy I’m privileged to have met on several occasions) Shaun Walker from the IBuySpy portal. IBuySpy was a .NET reference application released by Microsoft in 2001 to showcase the capabilities of the then new .NET Framework. Launched to replace the venerable Active Server Pages (now typically referred to as ‘Classic ASP’) technology, the .NET Framework represented a giant leap forward for Microsoft and developers working with its technology.

By 2009, DotNetNuke (now DNN) was recognised as the leading .NET-based open-source CMS. The same year, Cantarus became a DNN Gold Partner and, between 2012 and 2017, was indisputably the world’s leading DNN specialist, winning DNN Corp.’s global DNN Partner of the Year award every year.

During the 2010s, and with the release of commercially licensed editions of the software, DNN grew to over 2,000 paying clients. During that time, Cantarus was responsible for some of the world’s largest deployments of DNN, perhaps most notably to Europe’s largest sports retailer, Sports Direct (now Frasers Group).

In 2017, DNN Corp. was acquired by ESW Capital, who did the open-source community a service by transferring stewardship of the open-source project to the .NET Foundation.

For those wanting more detail, there’s a great history of the project, and the people and company behind it, on Wikipedia here.

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