Sarah Poulter, CIWM

" Cantarus are a fabulous agency to work with, I couldn't recommend them highly enough. "

Paul Sloggett, CIWM

" Having worked with many different agencies over the years, including some of the biggest names, I can honestly say Cantarus are way up there with the very best. The whole experience of working with them was super smooth, their technical and strategic knowledge is outstanding and customer service was faultless. Best of all was that the project, delivered with tight deadlines, was a great success for users. "

Mark Risley, EIC (Energy Industries Council)

" Having worked closely with Cantarus for the past four years, I rate them very highly on their day-to-day technical support for our website and for our ongoing website redesign project. "

Rebecca Chan, Hart Square

" Yes- See my general comment answered in a previous question in relation to the app! "

Debbie Hockham, memcom

" I found the whole team at Cantarus a pleasure to work with. Their strategic and analytical thinking, combined with creative flair produced a great app for us. "