Maximising Your Membership: How to Achieve More with Less

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With the ongoing cost-of-living crisis continuing to impact businesses and revenue across the UK, it's essential that companies are more careful with their budgeting strategy than ever. Of course, this includes membership organisations, who must make wiser spending decisions in order to ensure they provide members with the best membership experience possible at the best return on investment for the organisation. 

The current climate is understandably making it difficult for organisations to attract and retain members. Most of us are cutting costs where we can, and things like non-compulsory membership subscriptions, or perceived 'nice to haves' like attending a gala dinner or engaging in additional training are often the first to go. So, how do you justify your membership is really worth the spend?  

In this blog, we'll explore how to make the most of your membership proposition so both you, and your members, get better value for money. 

Unleash the power of Data and Analytics 

Take a deep dive into your website analytics and use this information to your advantage. Which content generates the most traffic, social shares, or dwell time? Do you have insight into your members' behaviours and preferences? Do you understand what activity is driving visitors to your site? 

By leveraging your data, you can understand what is working, and what isn't, to help inform your future content production and enable you to adjust your strategy accordingly. The ever-popular 80/20 principle suggests that 80% of your results come from 20% of your activity, and data and analytics can help you identify where to keep spend and where to cut it. 

Relevant content = increased member value. 


Make Your Content Work for You 

To generate new leads, consider giving non-members access to some of your members-only content in exchange for a sign-up. Don't hide your best content or lock it away in inaccessible static PDFs! 

Make it easy for members to share content with their networks; ensure social sharing buttons are easy to find and configured to include a title and header image – this will help drive more traffic to your site too.

Making your content easily accessible to members and deploying some of it as a strategy to win over new members will ensure you see the best return on the long hours spent creating it. 

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