Our name sums up our unique approach to development; Adeo is Greek for "to build, carry and nurture". Adeo Group is driven by cutting-edge technology based on timeless business values. Service, support and communication are the keys to success.

Our team of talented professionals includes designers, developers and marketers with many years of experience in creating and implementing solutions in a rapidly changing online landscape for clients in industries as varied as food & beverage, retail, recruitment, telecommunications, health and leisure to name a few.

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Automotive, Business to Business, Charity, Construction, Consumer Durables, Cosmetics/Beauty, Education, Fashion, Financial, Food and drink, Healthcare, Industrial, IT, Leisure, Outdoor Activities, Public sector, Retail, Telecoms


Recommended for 7 of 20 services


  • Eden Mill
  • Refresh Dental
  • Dr Andrews
  • Synergy Salon Supplies
  • Highland Chocolatier
  • Ultrimax
  • Moto Go Loco
  • Etimon
  • Advanced Dental Seminars
  • The Classic Run Series


"Adeo have helped me take an idea from inception all the way through to profit by way of a great mix of challenge and support. I am looking forward to creating more with them over the next months and years. Our second year of trading has seen constant growth and Adeo have shaped this. Adeo and I have started our preparations for the big campaigns planned later this year and I am excited to see how they land."

Dr Andrews

"David Muirhead, Managing Director, zerodrytime franchising."

Zero Dry Time

"Very professional, personable and friendly employees. Very quick to respond to issues and take all our concerns very seriously. We have met Gordon, Angela, Jonathan and Zoe. There is another gentleman whose name I have regrettably forgotten but all are helpful and efficient. We would recommend."

Whisky Broker