Susie Fraser (Managing Director)

Susie Fraser


I am a seasoned marketing and digital professional, leader and strategist. I am an expert in communications and passionate about listening, supporting and having a positive impact on business.

When running my own company for ten years I was responsible for securing over 4 million of pounds of new business, overseeing communication campaigns for some of the UK's largest brands, managing clients multi million pound marketing budgets and leading my creative, dynamic and effective team.

I am multi lingual and fluent in the languages of marketing, promotions, digital marketing, web development and events. I never shy away from a challenge and am never afraid to admit when I am wrong. I love to learn something new everyday and play with my children who no longer think it is cool to play with mum.

I've incredibly small hands but they are a very safe pair. I do love to talk but am also a great listener. Seeing people exceed expectations gives me complete satisfaction and mentoring young businesses has been a pleasure.

I hate to lose but am gracious if I do. I am calm in a crisis but excitable and fun when needed.

Above all I am driven to make a difference. So, if you think my team and I can help you get in touch.