Thomas Hayton, ASL Holdings

" Clearly experts in their field of work and have a great approach, very trustworthy and deliver against the standards they promise. "

Claire Taylor, Sage

" They're so personable and approachable - they've never let me down. "

Maria Lopes, Cisco

" I like mostly the exchange of creativity and ideas that pops up when we start to brainstorm about something, it's hard to stop. "

Lexie Bond, Cisco

" Justina and Nick have been wonderful to work with. They are incredibly responsive, flexible, and overall just a pleasure to work with. I love starting my day off with a Velo Marketing meeting because it puts me in a good mood for the rest of the day. At this point, our Velo team knows our program so well that we think of them as an extension of our Cisco team--allowing us to scale the work we are able to do greatly. I will continue to use Velo Marketing for future projects because I know their team delivers and I know the product will be great quality. "

Shalyn Waits, Cisco

" Velo Marketing understands the complexities of my business and functions as an extension of my team. They are always my go-to agency when I need high-quality deliverables turned around quickly. I know that I can bring them a request and they will elevate it to drive a higher impact than my original concept. The Velo team is a joy to work with. "

Ellie Pike, McGraw Hill

" VELO offers a personalised agency experience for McGraw Hill and at times have acted as an extension of our team to enable us to scale delivery of large campaigns (both B2C & B2B) which we would not have otherwise attempted or thought possible. Their integrated marketing approach and account based marketing have improved the results and ROI of our campaigns. "

Leigh Williams, TB+A

" TB+A have worked with Velo Marketing since 2016 during which time they have consistently delivered to achieve our objectives across our marketing and communications channels. Velo have been instrumental in supporting our business and brand strategy both off and online and we have been impressed with how they have taken initial ideas and grown them into a creative concepts with value, meaning and strong brand identity. They are a clear thinking, flexible, professional agency and crucially a great team of people who care about delivering results for our business. I would highly recommend Velo Marketing to others. Leigh Williams Head of Marketing and Communications Troup Bywaters + Anders "

Paul Myatovich, McGraw HIll

" Velo Marketing accomplishes what few can accomplish effectively - they blend professional expertise, enablement, and execution with understanding the complete picture of their clients culture, personality, and goals. "

Lynsey Tamlyn, Crowcon

" Velo is an extension of our marketing team and has been for 3 years. They're not seen as an agency for Crowcon, but part of the business. They like to challenge our thoughts and ideas to get the best out of us. "

Caroline Haussler, Cisco

" Velo transforms my need into a creative and inspiring solution. "

Peter Sprague, Anaplan

" It's a pleasure to work with Velo. Their final product is outstanding - I couldn't have been more pleased. And it was a direct line to get there: they listen, they ask good clarifying questions, and they put to use everything they've heard. I found Velo to be a great creative partner and look forward to continuing to work with them. "

Henry Langston, Ocean Insight

" I would recommend Velo to companies looking for a full service team (from idea to content to lead gen) that dig in and understand your products and services in a complex b2b world. We enjoy working with them and appreciate that they have always delivered. "

Chelsea Weintraub, Anaplan

" Velo's intrinsic ability to turn our briefs into creative assets goes above and beyond with each project. Velo have helped set the bar for what we design and execute on as a business. Everything is done collaboratively every step of the way. Velo also act as subject matter experts and play a critical role in pushing the envelope to help us evolve. "

Jon Ashley, Sage

" Velo have grown with us as a team. They act like our team, have supported us and they are trusted like they are a team member. They are a truly genuine, honest, reliable and a consistent agency with whom we share mutual respect. We have tried many agencies, but keep coming back to Velo. That should speak volumes about how much we value them. "

Emma Harris, Halma

" My go to agency to recommend to all of my businesses, reliable, honest, great value & helping with our goal of changing the value perception of the need for exceptional digital customer first experience. "

Dominic Feeney, Crowcon

" A dynamic and creative design agency with a personalised bespoke per client approach. Highly skilled team and good management combine to deliver great results and at reasonable prices "

Meriem English, Cisco

" Velo has been instrumental in increasing our online lead generation for all our Lifecycle Advantage Program Campaigns. We are continuously impressed with Velo's level of service and consider them a key marketing partner in helping drive our business. They are not only proactive and responsive, their guidance also have made a difference we we have seen an increase in lead flow, tremendous efficiency and a very solid ROI." "

Mariley Reinoso Olivera, Cisco

" Velo offers an innovative, personalised service and delivers excellent, high-yielding marketing assets. It's so great to work with this agency. All the Velo professionals are friendly and clearly very good at what they do. Every single project we throw at them - no matter the complexities - they always deliver. I highly recommend them. "

Margarete Mourao, Cisco

" I like our proximity and relationship to make things happen and having informal meetings to discuss new ideas and projects. "

Amanda Peck, McGraw Hill

" Velo is a trusted agency that subsumes itself into your business, your customers and your team, to take hold of the real essence of what the strategic imperative is, and then execute to that. "

Ana Nobrega, Cisco

" Creative. Resourceful. Trustworthy. Organized. Committed to deliver the best outcome and fun to work with. "

Andrea Stefkova, Ocean Insight

" Great communication, high standard of work and excellent at providing bets practises and advice about digital marketing. "

Marisa Massaro, McGraw HIll

" I would recommend Velo to others and work with them again in the future because they are are very nimble and understand the B2B market. Also, they are very passionate about marketing! "

Anna Parrish, Anaplan

" Velo truly feels like an extension of our team because they have really taken the time to understand our business and our market. I love that they always hit the brief - never miss a deadline (and our deadlines can be very tight!!) and sometimes push us out of our comfort zone too. Their work is thoughtful and creative... and above all, we have real trust between our teams. "