Rob Kitchen, ASL

" Velo are in my opinion based on thirty years of experience the ultimate B2B agency "

Sophie Kramhoft, Anaplan

" Excellent agency with an eye for detail and partnership - fun and professional to work with. "

Hannah Chopra, Fortress Interlocks

" Velo are full of professional, enthusiastic and most of all approachable characters to form and build great relationships with their clients. For us, this is key on the success of our new web development project. "

Chloe Boemen, Sage

" Velo is a great agency, with a dynamic team who are truly dedicated to their client base. "

Jenni Broad, Apollo Fire Detection

" Velo are the most innovative agency I have worked with. They understand our business and our brand and use this insight, along with their creative approach to problem solving, to deliver exceptional marketing support. I initially approached Velo to run a market research campaign but was so impressed with their delivery they are now our now my first choice for all our marketing needs. "

Lynsey Tamlyn, Crowcon

" Velo is an extension of our marketing team and has been for 2 years. They're not seen as an agency for Crowcon, but part of the business. They have innovative ideas and are always up for a challenge. "

Barry Duffy, Financial Times

" Velo are one of those rare agencies who want to help you deliver on your marketing ambitions but in a way that is non-intrusive, collaborative and without expectations. Time and time again they have gone out of their way to ensure that they understand your business, challenge and help you clarify your thinking and develop great strategies that can either be delivered by them or alongside your in-house team. They will always be an extension of my marketing team. "

Shalyn Waits, Cisco

" Velo Marketing understands the complexities of my business and functions as an extension of my team. They are always my go-to agency when I need high-quality deliverables turned around quickly. I know that I can bring them a request and they will elevate it to drive a higher impact than my original concept. The Velo team is a joy to work with. "

Caroline Haussler, Cisco

" Velo transforms my need into a creative and inspiring solution. "

Alex Farr, Strictly Education

" We approached Velo to partner with us to address the legacy UI/UX for our client portal. As the window into our organisation for our clients, our portal had to reflect our brand and the services we offered. The team at Velo not only took the time to really understand our current needs but also the wider organisational digital strategy. Velo are very much an extended part of the team. "

Ana Nobrega, Cisco

" Creative. Resourceful. Trustworthy. Committed to deliver the best outcome. "

Jon Ashley, Sage

" A brilliant agency that is growing in strength and offering every year. They are a genuine extention of my team. I trust them to deliver and they don't let me down. As a rule, I do not generally make recommendations on agencies to use, but I do with Velo. I am happy to put my name to that. "

Steve Barker, Better Governor

" Velo have always been responsive, thoughful and creative in providiong solutions for Better Governor. "

Paul Myatovich, McGraw HIll

" Velo Marketing accomplishes what few can accomplish effectively - they blend professional expertise, enablement, and execution with understanding the complete picture of their clients culture, personality, and goals. "

Amanda Peck, McGraw Hill

" Velo is a trusted agency that subsumes itself into your business, your customers and your team, to take hold of the real essence of what the strategic imperative is, and then execute to that. "

Emma Harris, Halma

" My go to agency to recommend to all of my businesses, reliable, honest, great value & helping with our goal of changing the value perception of the need for exceptional digital customer first experience. "

Scott Kachelek, Wave Illumination

" A pleasure to work with. Practical. Accommodating. "

Simon Thompson, OXTS

" I've loved working with the team at Velo. They took the time to understand our customers and our products ad boy has it shown in the output. We have a much clearer VP now which is really clearly articulated. "

Alison Smith, OXTS

" Working with Velo is a real partnership - their approach is thorough and professional, fun and innovative. The result has been a step-change in the quality of our marketing. "

Susanna Sanz, Tech Data

" Really pleased to work with an agency that cares for my company, helping us to find the right approach to the market, with the right tools and on time! "