Rob Kitchen, ASL

" Velo are in my opinion based on thirty years of experience the ultimate B2B agency "

Nikhil Bahel, McGraw HIll

" Velo is an amazing agency to work with. They are really professional and always meet deadlines. Their campaign strategy and execution is amazing. I have personally learnt a lot from them. Dislike: Nothing yet "

Sian Hawley, Navtech

" I have thrown an immense amount of work at Velo that all needed to be delivered in a very short time frame.... they delivered! They feel like an extension of my own team and it's been a joy to see them get as excited about what we do as we are and ultimately that enthusiasm has come to life in the high quality of work they have produced. "

Laura Ball, OsecoElfab

" Like - very responsive, good discussions in meetings. They listen and give advice/opinions, they don't just 'say yes' to the client. I really appreciate that support. Dislikes - nothing. "

Sam Willougby, TLC Lions

" There are available almost whenever you need them, respond really quickly, are very friendly to work with and deliver the results "

Grace Payne, TB+A

" High quality work, great customer service and a very innovative team. "

Sophie Kramhoft, Nokia

" Velo is my go to agency and I don't plan to change that any time soon! "

Jessica Fuhl, Sage

" The content support that Velo provide for us is unlike any we've ever received from an agency before. They've really got under the skin of our messaging and deliver copy that is of the highest quality. They're an extension of our team, and we wouldn't be able to cope without them. "

Cedric Wooding, SPS

" Quick response, flexible on demands, good process. "

Sophie Kramhoft, Anaplan

" Excellent agency with an eye for detail and partnership - fun and professional to work with. "

Tomasz Gambus, Cisco

" Velo is more than just an agency, their engagement and approach make them a part of our extended team. "

Soraya Gomez, McGraw HIll

" You can trust VELO for any type of campaign in any part of the world. They adapt to your products, your target and your needs and they design the most suitable campaign to guarantee the best performance. They monitor closely the results and make tweaks or implement new innovative activities to make sure it is a success. "