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Jenny Harper, Hydraulics Online

" TMC's client service is second to none! Robin and Adrian's support is simply outstanding and each result they produce speaks for itself! Above all I like the fact that they always challenge status quo. If there is a better and/or cheaper way to do things they will always put it on the table. In our eyes, TMC is more than an agency partner. We see them as an extension to our own team and with whom we have 100% trust. They will use our briefs as starting point and then by tapping into their in-house expertise, flair, analytics and industry leading technology, they effortlessly find the best solution. Every time. Above all, TMC focuses like a laser on customer experience, and that really does matter to us! "

Darren Roberts, Hardscape

" Simply bang on!... there are only positives, you can tell this is a conscious, innovative, creative, technological, forward thinking company; made special by it's people! "

Helen Tonks, Hydraulics Online

" We are a micro business punching well above our weight on a global stage, and in TMC we have now found the perfect web agency to accelerate our further growth. They know their stuff, and constantly provide us with a healthy balance of challenge and support. Crucially, they are straight-forward and transparent in all their dealings with us. But best of all, I feel that our success really matters to them too - like they're really on this journey with us. I'm excited to see what we can achieve together. "

Emma Crowe, CE Back Office

" I'd more than recommend Tim, Adrian, and Dean from TMC. In fact I would go out of my way to shout about the work they do. As someone who spends more time working with numbers, in the past I have found marketing to be a bit of a dark art where all the specialist keeps hold of the secrets. Working with TMC was completely different. TMC got to know us as a business, challenged us on our branding and gave us a clear plan that we understand and believe in. We've made some changes and we are already seeing results. We still have other changes to make as TMC have left us with a clear plan. I feel like the whole experience has allowed our marketing to grow up and become something I am proud of. "

Mathew Haslam, Hardscape

" Not often you come across a team of people that listen and can then be bothered to over deliver to ensure they have heard what we have said and what we need. TMC have grown in all areas since we built a relationship with them over 10 years ago. Testament to their passion and beliefs "

Keith Smith, Eaton Bank Academy

" The TMC organisation has strength and depth with every member of the team obviously carefully selected as they provide a service level that exceeds expectations. They will always go the extra mile and handle the most demanding requests with great enthusiasm and clearly enjoy their work with exceptional results of high quality that make visible impact. They are well lead by strong experienced individuals or get the most from their team and work tirelessly with their clients. They never feel like a supplier but more like an extension to our in-house team. They continue to extend the range of services offered always offering the latest and fresh approaches which keeps our organisation dynamic and fresh. Our relationship has continued to grow and strengthen which is vital to our long term success. "

Rob Kane, Burton Financial Services

" When I set up my new business I didn't even think twice about working with TMC as I knew they would go above-and-beyond my expectations as always. You should do the same. "

Emma Burke, APS Salads

" The entire team are friendly and dependable. TMC are incredibly inspiring, and they instantly understand the objective we are working to and offer great perspective and outstanding pieces of work. TMC take time to understand our goals and apply sound marketing strategies to ensure the best results every time. We are enjoying our 11th year of working with TMC and are confident this relationship will continue to build. "

Sarah Miller, Diamond LED Lighting

" Professional agency, excellent work ethic, work always completed on time "

Darren Spencer, Diamond LED Lighting

" They are a real pleasure to work with, quick to respond and have a great understanding of our product, market and stratergy "

David Watson, East Cheshire Chamber of Commerce

" The Chamber has built a trusted relationship with TMC, they are an ideas generator, a strategy support team and will deliver on projects every time. When everyone looks to the Chamber for support, we look to TMC! "

Andrew Burke, APS Salads

" A truly creative team with leaders that inspire the team to grow and develop and allow creative flair to flourish "

Tom Crockett, Hologic Ltd

" Awesome customer service - really helpful and comprehensive for content and design creation "

Anna Bandurska MSc, Genedrive

" Overall very good experience. "

Bernadette Carden, Hologic Ltd

" TMC were introduced to us by our Marketing Team who use them for all their exhibition materials and recommend that we give them a try, so glad we did!! "

David Hulme, Spiral Colour

" We have used Jan and Adrian for a number of years now. They are highly professional and offer excellent value for money. Most of all, nothing is too much trouble and we really value their advice and input in what we want to do regarding marketing materials and print. I'd have no problem personally recommending this company "

Guv Thind, SJPP

" An excellent team, proposition and service that always deliver what they promise! "

Stewart Neithercut, Hologic, Tepnel Pharma Services

" We have used TMC for a number of years. Tbey are easy to communicate with, always responsive & deliver as requested "

Pete Marshall, Lumic

" I have no hesitation in recommending TMC, their professionalism is outstanding and their knowledge and willingness to assist is second to none "

Paul Grannell, Vale Royal Kitchens

" TMC are an excellent outfit who are happy to help. I personally haven't given them enough business for the service I have received. Thanks to all of the team especially Adrian Whitehurst and I'm looking forward to dealing with you in the future. "

Andrew Rosamond, Cara Technology

" TMC made us feel valued as a client, as a small business this doesn't happen too often. We gained a huge amount from the digital workshop all of which we have put into action. The subsequent 20 hour engagement has been key to our company growth plan. In short they are a very effective agency who are a delight to work with "

Sarah Barnett, Genedrive

" The team at TMC are highly professional and are always extremely responsive to our needs "

David Scott, Hologic Limited

" TMC Creative Ltd., have really sought to not just work with us but to join us as partners on a journey to create a brand and to take that brand out to the Healthcare and Pharmaceutical community. They are aligned to our values, understand us as a business and work with us to deliver outcomes, sharing in our successes and our challenges. We believe that they are unique in that they have been prepared to trust in our vision and to journey with us, leaving behind the traditional conventions of transactional and performance based relationship to adopt a new and exciting way of working together and as a consequence delivering a cross channel solution to building and supporting our 5 year strategy. "

Jacqueline Wilson, Cheshire West and Chester Gov

" A very talented team, who bring creativity and innovative ideas to every project to ensure you as the client achieve real tangible results. I've worked with this team over a number of years on many different pojects (marketing support, strategy and plans, brand creation, etc.) and on every occasion they have ensured that they understood the results required and the drive for the project to ensure deliver the best options. A brilliant agency and a real pleasure to work with. Continue to love working with TMC. They always bring something fresh and new to every meeting, the staff are always friendly and helpful, really care about you and your project. It makes it a real pleasure to do any work with them. "

Darrelle Sumnall, Blue Bell BMW

" I can't recommend TMC enough! We have been working with them for several years and always go above and beyond whatever we ask of them. The team are warm and friendly, and will always do everything they can to help. Vicky, Tim and Jan in particular are always available for anything we need, and have a way of coming up with fresh and interesting ideas while staying within the brief and guidelines provided. They really are a 10/10 team! "

Laura Minshall-Thomas, Sound & District Primary School

" The company and employees from the beginning have been incredibly supportive, professionally and have gone out of their way to support with the school website . Any issue or support we have needed they have dealt with it in a timely manner. "

Gordon Powell, Epistem Ltd

" On starting my position at genedrive I inherited the relationship with TMC and have been so happy with their quality of work, I have on several occasions refered other companies to use them for their marketing and communication requirements. They are extremely diligent in their approach and meet deadlines even when they are extremely tight. This on occasion has seen them working late to get materials to us. They are also very nice people to work with which helps any relationship. "

Marie Shenton, Hammond McNulty Accountants

" I would highly recommend TMC Stategic Communications. They deliver ( on time) an excellent high quality service. They help you explore your business objectives and translate this to brand image & print. "

Andrew Pear MBA, Reliance Medical Ltd

" TMC Creative are one of our most valued business partners. Their contribution to our business has driven great added value, often surpassing our expectations in leaps and bounds. They take time to understand our needs and are never shy of challenging our own beliefs, the result is extremely productive. TMC have helped us grow our business from a standing start to a multimillion Pound global business. We are in their debt. "

Rebecca Baringham, NWF Marketing

" Great team, down to earth efficient approach to how they work. "

E O'Neill, Eaton Bank Academy

" A genuinely creative, strategic and high performing company "

David McGifford, Congleton Town Council

" David McGifford - Chief Officer Congleton Town Council During the last year i have worked with TMC of various projects and on each occasion i have found that we are provided with proposals and solutions which have exceeded expectations. TMC have shown that they understand the different needs of the Public Sector compared to the private sector and have provided a different approach and way of thinking for us. - a pleasure to work with "

Nigel Moorhouse, Roman Lodge Estates Ltd

" Exceed expectations in creation and delivery of all work we have done with them. "

Phil Brown, Blue Bell BMW

" A very professional team who will adapt to your individual requirements and needs. "

Peter Bowers, Berisfords Ribbons

" Berisfords have been working with TMC for a number of years now and they never cease to deliver to a very high standard on time. "

Dave Butler, Hardscape

" I have known and worked with TMC from the outset and can claim they excel within all media channels. They confidently pursue their understanding of our business and that ultimately reflects in their delivery of creative, inspirational, budgeted solutions which completely satisfies my marketing journey and experience at Hardscape. "

Anneli Edlund, Hologic Sweden AB

" It is a very good agency who also have knowledge of our brand, colors, design and rules for our company. Not least is that they are pleasant and easy to talk to and understand the changings/amends in a document very quickly. I highly recommend them for others. "

Floriane Lefebvre, Hologic France

" I'm very thankful to Jan and Fran for their patience with us, their advice and high quality of work. Always a pleasure to work with them ! "

Steve Stockton , Johnsons of Nantwich

" Awesome Agency. Their service commitments and levels of professionalism are deeply impressive. Their attention to detail leaves no stone unturned and they go way beyond expectation levels to get and also produce the best value for money along side great results. "

Lisa Whitehouse, Clever Jellyfish

" TMC offered innovative solutions to marketing and delivered effectively, both on time and within budget. The strategic insight they offered was extremely valuable in shaping the most effective way forward. They were able to integrate seamlessly with our team and work collaboratively, and the excellent communication from the TMC team enables us to work in partnership to achieve the best results. "

Debbie Coxon, Diamond LED Lighting

" Adrian and the team are a pleasure to work with. Their attention to detail ensures projects are delivered on time and in budget. We are always pleased with the end result. They consistently provide a friendly yet professional service. We look forward to working with them on future projects. "

Rhian Thorburn, Hologic Ltd

" I have worked with TMC over the last 6 months and am very pleased with the service they provide. They are really efficient and I can always rely on them to provide a prompt and professional service. "

Veronique Cleynhens, Hologic N.V

" Very professional, helpfull, thinking with you... I am always very pleased with the quality of service provided by the whole team. Thank you for your excellent service. I look forward to doing business with you for years to come. "

Alison Parr, Ruby's Fund Charity

" All of the team are great and enthusiastic about our projects. They always work to our deadlines and are very efficient "

Claire Bramley, European Society for Medical Oncology

" TMC have been a preferred agency for us for several years and we hope to keep working with them for years to come. We are always happy to start the next project and to know that they will take such care to provide an excellent service. From the fabulous designs to the excellent final products, we enjoy every step of the way (even when we are working late into the night or weekend) because they are with us throughout... In 2018, we have pushed them to the limit in terms of workload and timelines - it's not something we are proud of as we like to consider the TMC team our friends as well as our amazing colleagues! We really couldn't imagine working with anybody else and hope they won't hold this one against us! Looking forward to seeing the lovely Jackie Jones later this week for a debrief, a glass of wine & a chat too and sorry to have not had a chance for a catch up with the rest of the team this year... "

Jennifer Lamare, European Society for Medical Oncology

" All of them! We love working with Jackie Jones and the entire TMC team. They are a fabulous group of people with lots of energy and drive, and they put 100% effort into everything they do. They really make the difference every year for us between having standard and truly exceptional products. We have relied on the agency to help us deliver key products year after year, and they work very well with us as an extension of our team. Our success depends on them! Looking forward to more successful collaborations on various projects in the years to come. "

Tanya Kenny, ESMO

" I have had the pleasure of working with TMC on our event newspapers and new digital magazine. How would I rate them? An absolute dream to work with! They have one of the best levels of customer service I have ever experienced; from A-Z your project is taken on board and handled with utmost professionalism. They know how to listen to the client, understand what is needed and expected, drive the project with respect to momentum and punctuality, all this with a constant eye on the end deliverable and a wonderful wacky sense of humour ! I would recommend them with no hesitation. "