Jenny Harper, Hydraulics Online

" TMC's client service is second to none! Robin and Adrian's support is simply outstanding and each result they produce speaks for itself! Above all I like the fact that they always challenge status quo. If there is a better and/or cheaper way to do things they will always put it on the table. In our eyes, TMC is more than an agency partner. We see them as an extension to our own team and with whom we have 100% trust. They will use our briefs as starting point and then by tapping into their in-house expertise, flair, analytics and industry leading technology, they effortlessly find the best solution. Every time. Above all, TMC focuses like a laser on customer experience, and that really does matter to us! "

Darren Roberts, Hardscape

" Simply bang on!... there are only positives, you can tell this is a conscious, innovative, creative, technological, forward thinking company; made special by it's people! "

Helen Tonks, Hydraulics Online

" We are a micro business punching well above our weight on a global stage, and in TMC we have now found the perfect web agency to accelerate our further growth. They know their stuff, and constantly provide us with a healthy balance of challenge and support. Crucially, they are straight-forward and transparent in all their dealings with us. But best of all, I feel that our success really matters to them too - like they're really on this journey with us. I'm excited to see what we can achieve together. "

Emma Crowe, CE Back Office

" I'd more than recommend Tim, Adrian, and Dean from TMC. In fact I would go out of my way to shout about the work they do. As someone who spends more time working with numbers, in the past I have found marketing to be a bit of a dark art where all the specialist keeps hold of the secrets. Working with TMC was completely different. TMC got to know us as a business, challenged us on our branding and gave us a clear plan that we understand and believe in. We've made some changes and we are already seeing results. We still have other changes to make as TMC have left us with a clear plan. I feel like the whole experience has allowed our marketing to grow up and become something I am proud of. "

Mathew Haslam, Hardscape

" Not often you come across a team of people that listen and can then be bothered to over deliver to ensure they have heard what we have said and what we need. TMC have grown in all areas since we built a relationship with them over 10 years ago. Testament to their passion and beliefs "

Keith Smith, Eaton Bank Academy

" The TMC organisation has strength and depth with every member of the team obviously carefully selected as they provide a service level that exceeds expectations. They will always go the extra mile and handle the most demanding requests with great enthusiasm and clearly enjoy their work with exceptional results of high quality that make visible impact. They are well lead by strong experienced individuals or get the most from their team and work tirelessly with their clients. They never feel like a supplier but more like an extension to our in-house team. They continue to extend the range of services offered always offering the latest and fresh approaches which keeps our organisation dynamic and fresh. Our relationship has continued to grow and strengthen which is vital to our long term success. "