Steve Austin, Bengo Media

" Creative, innovative, fun to work with, the magical team at Tiny Wizard have it all. "

Linda, Bullies Out

" The Tiny Wizard team are creative, energetic and enthusiastic amd this comes across in their work. They listen to their clients and make sure they fully understand what is required and this ensures the end result is excellent. "

Mark Allen, Welsh Cycling

" Find a creative agency is never easy, but when you find the right one - the fit is perfect - Tiny Wizard are that agency for us - a real pleasure to work with this team "

Louis Halton Davies, Web Marketer

" We've used Tiny Wizard Studios to create a number of animated explainer videos, marketing collateral and illustrations for our website. Every experience has been absolutely top notch and with surprisingly few amends with every project. It's like they're mind readers, taking our levels of expectation and smashing them to pieces by delivering far better every time. "