Mike Norrish, BT Sport

" Observer Effect are small but beautifully formed. I've found them a great fit for my project thanks to their personal and flexible approach... they've been really passionate and invested in my project, which has kept my motivation and determination high when the inevitable bumps in the road are hit. They've challenged my thinking, while also showing high fidelity to my original brief. And they're good fun too. "

Gayle Terry, Domestic and General

" I worked with the OE for the first time in 2017 and have engaged with the team on several projects since. The OE have a really collaborative approach, are very easy to work with. The get fully immersed in the business and the problem statement. The team and the designers are really top quality. We had a lot of fun together making some big decisions and steps forward for our business. We have also been able to prove to our executive committee that brand investment and creative re-design really does drive tangible financial results based on the success of the projects we have worked together on. "