Jessica Oliver, Step by Step

" Studio Republic wowed us from their first pitch meeting with us - we were astonished that such a seemingly local agency could achieve such accomplished results and have such a passion for their areas of expertise, in an unfaltering way. Every interaction with them is filled with fresh ideas, that work for our time frames and budgets and although their knowledge far exceeds ours in every way, we always feel like their equal and that we are working in partnership with them - but they will be realistic as to what we can expect as results. They are on the end of the phone whenever we need them and we really value their whole agency approach, so we get to work with and know each specialist rather than being channelled through an account management system. Since our initial website development project in Autumn 2017, we have already recouped half of the investment we made in this resource, in the first six months and we are told time and time again by partners that they aspire to have a website like ours and finally, thanks to Studio Republic, our new branding is consistent across our literature and platforms and we look like the professional and established charity that we are - at long last! We have learnt so much from working with them and can't imagine a time when we would not want their support through the retainer. "