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Step by Step

Timeframe: Present

Step by Step had recently rebranded and wanted a website that reflected their new identity and updated direction. The site needed to make it as easy as possible for young people to access services, and for supporters to get involved. Together we've created a site which strikes a balance between showcasing the great work that Step by Step do, and highlighting the ways people can help by getting involved or donating.


Timeframe: Present

ismybillfair believe in fairness - that's what their whole ethos is based on. It's what gave them the idea for in the first place. The site lets people put in the details of their different services and utilities to compare them to what other people pay. If they're not happy with the results, they can challenge their current provider to give them a fairer deal. To get things started we kicked off with the name creation process for the service, the branding and identity, and the strategy. Collaborating with the client, we came up with a graphic device that acts not just as a logo, but as the backbone of the whole service. We've put a lot of time and research into crafting a great user experience for ismybillfair. The service needs to be as simple and intuitive as possible as it needs to be usable for everyone, young and old, on mobile and on desktop. Now the site is live we're still closely monitoring and testing user behaviour to ensure that any adjustments and refinements can be made as soon as possible. The result is a robust and well-tested piece of software and a strong brand to carry it to household name status. With major press coverage already lined up, it's definitely ready for the big time.