Sean Dunwoody (Senior Web Developer)

Sean Dunwoody


Sean has a passion for Tai Chi and fantastic design - his role is to bring the visions of our designers to life

Sean first got into web development at age 13 after playing online text-based strategy games. He was inspired to teach himself HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. He knew from then that he wanted a career in digital as there would always be fresh challenges, new things to learn, and new objectives to meet.

Following a one year apprenticeship with a local web development company, Sean was offered a full-time position where he gained valuable experience in digital design. During this time he completed his CCNA1 computer networking course and also put his new skills to good use by developing a digital periodic table.  It’s very satisfying to have the skills that allow you to build solutions to problems.

Sean joined Studio 24 in October 2014 where he has expanded his knowledge and honed his skills to excel as both a front end developer working in HTML/CSS/JavaScript and a back end developer working in PHP. Sean’s work as a developer has been integral to the success of large projects including Crossrail, London Heathrow, Internet Watch Foundation, and HS2.

Outside of work, Sean relaxes with Tai Chi and earlier in 2020 he qualified to practice as a Tai Chi instructor.

In 2019 Sean walked 500km of the 770KM Camino de Santiago pilgrimage in Spain. He has been trying to keep up the long walks since then and hopes to finish the pilgrimage next year. Sean is also learning Spanish so he can re-connect with his Spanish ancestry.