Julia Sang (Head of Delivery)

Julia Sang


Julia began her working life as an office assistant for a film charity, where she started her digital education, having been tasked with creating educational resources for their website. Moving on from there, Julia worked for a digital advertising agency on brands such as HP and Allianz. During this time she also attended an evening course which awarded her a Diploma in Development Studies and lead to a job at the Development Education Association (DEA) managing the Global Dimension website. Her interest in International Development took her to work for an environmental charity in Sri Lanka where she happily spent the next three years. If you’ve never been to Sri Lanka, the food is amazing and the beaches are beautiful!

Back in England, Julia returned to digital advertising, working at IRIS Worldwide with some of the world’s biggest brands including Philips, Britvic and Unilever. She was also seconded to the Delhi office for three months to train the India digital team in company processes and coach the project managers in digital delivery.
Moving out of London to the greener city of Cambridge - Julia arrived at Studio 24! She loves the challenge of managing big projects such as the global e-commerce sites for Urban Bar and the consultation website for the Heathrow expansion; always keeping projects under control with a strict eye on client and site priorities.

Education and learning are very important to Julia. Julia has recently signed up for Career Ready where she will visit schools and give Y12/13 students the skills and confidence they need begin a career in digital. Outside of work Julia organises Playing Out sessions in association with the City Council. Using her expert skills as a project manager, Julia encourages other community members to organise their own Playing Out days.