Isaac Lowe (Design Strategy Director)

Isaac Lowe


Isaac loves designing and building beautiful, user-centred websites. While drinking a lot of tea.

Isaac has been working on the web since 2000, and still loves it. He created his first website while working as a graphic designer for a dotcom – when his boss said to him, “Our new website’s s**t, I think you can do better.” 4 weeks later, he’d built a website and was hooked.

After nearly 4 years away as Head of Web Design for Redgate Software, Isaac returned to Studio 24. He had a great time working at a software company but missed the variety and challenges of working in a smaller, dedicated studio team, and the web-centric approach of Studio 24. Isaac now heads up front-end development, supporting the team to constantly improve the web experiences we build.

Isaac originally came to work at Studio 24 as he shared our passion for the web and belief in web standards and accessibility. He’s pleased to be back, creating even better work with the current team.