Margaux Gardet, Ceros

" Rhapsody is an excellent and trustworthy agency. They provide just the right balance of professionalism, creativity and reliability to support our needs. We've worked on over 100 projects together, and their team have listened carefully every time to the briefs we provide and have wow-ed us with something that hits the spot across a multitude of disciplines. Always a pleasure working with them. "

Ally Mackintosh, Grayling PR

" Rhapsody has been great throughout the projects we've worked with them on. Really creative, easygoing people and have always gone the extra mile and helped us out wherever they can. They created some really cool graphic design for us and helped us to launch an advertising campaign re-brand for one of our clients, who is very happy with the final result and impressed with their ability to push the creative boundaries. Highly recommend Rhapsody for any creative design, branding and advertising projects! "

Richard Briggs, NET-A-PORTER

" Rhapsody are a great partner to our business. They 'get' us, they understand our needs and support all of our projects with outstanding service and continuous development. "

Scott Taylor, Alert24

" Rhapsody are an enjoyable team to work with. They've always delivered on plan and within tight budgets. Rhapsody feel like an extension of our staff and care about the quaility of work as much as we do. "

Vipul Patel, MyStr33t

" Right from the outset Sam Mason has always responded to my emails, phone calls and arranged times for face to face meeting in order to build on our relationship and learn more about my business as much as I did about other aspects of Rhapsody Media which led to further work for Rhapsody Media. Sam Mason doesn't just close sales deals which is a breath of fresh air! he made sure I was happy and my deliverables were on track. Looking forward to working with you again Sam! Jamie Rankin created my promotional videos and wrote my voiceover script, his vision and creativity were outstanding but its the detail and journey that we took in order to reach a finalised version that really stood out for me. Can't wait to start the next production!! Sabina Griksaite and Jamie Bitmead designed my interactive mobile wireframes. Once again the creativity team produced an outstanding final version. Taking my vision and ideas which I assembled over the years and turning this into a working prototype was an amazing journey and we are still working on other design features of the app, as and when I need work completed which can be at anytime but they still deliver when required. Overall my experience with Rhapsody Media has been outstanding and I looking forward to continuing the MyStr33t journey together! "

Gareth Rifkin, Student Pages

" Rhapsody have been phenomenal in looking after my needs. Their service is exceptional, which is only further excelled by the brilliant creative minds they have within their team, unmatched on price, and producing work that leaves you in awe. "