The Silent Struggle: Confronting the Stress of Targets

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Your target setting might just be ruining your life.

I've had people literally cry down the phone to me, distraught,
anxious, fearful. I’m talking in my professional network, I’ve had clients,
contacts, friends, CEOs, founders, marketing directors, execs—you name it.

In the high-pressure world of digital marketing, the stress is
immense. We're one of the few industries where every decision we make is
scrutinized through a plethora of KPIs and data points. And, to make matters
worse, these metrics are often reviewed by those who may not fully comprehend them. Unfortunately, these very data points can become a tool for pointing fingers and laying blame.

But the true source of suffering lies in a misalignment of expectations.

Every business, regardless of industry, engages in some form of
target setting. In digital marketing, we're often handed lofty top-level
numbers, and even when businesses take a more comprehensive approach, flaws and unconscious bias tend to creep in.

This is the reality for 99% of businesses.

The act of setting targets often means committing to a year-long
plan that you'll be held accountable for... A full year of your life hangs in the

Those phone calls—the ones where you hear despair on the other
end—are often directly tied to business performance. So, it's worth questioning the process.

Are you simply accepting those numbers? Perhaps you're conducting research with your team or comparing notes and forecasts with your agency?

But here's the stark truth: all of these methods carry their own

Everyone involved has a vested interest in what those numbers should or
shouldn't be.

For true accuracy, you need the perspective of a third party. A third party that isn't burdened with the responsibility of delivering those numbers.

Why Impartial Evaluation Matters

Objectivity: Third parties offer an unbiased view, free from the pressure to meet targets.

Fair Evaluation: They assess performance without bias, reducing the chances of favoritism or unfair expectations.

Feedback Loops: Their insights help fine-tune targets and strategies, promoting continuous improvement.

Reduced Stress: Impartiality in evaluation can alleviate the stress associated with targets, fostering a more productive work environment.

Going back to the board with third-party, impartial analysis can
make all the difference between a tearful, miserable 12 months and a year of
success, achievement, and mental well-being.

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