Bing Chat Ads Outperform Traditional Search with 1.8X Higher Click Rate!

Online Media Buying

According to a recent article, Kya Sainsbury-Carter, the Corporate Vice President of Microsoft Advertising recently revealed some interesting insights regarding Bing Chat.

Ad Clicks Comparison 

Ads within Bing Chat have a 1.8X higher click rate than those on traditional search. Specifically, shopping ads in Bing Chat see an 11% higher click rate.

Engagement Metrics
Users are more engaged on Bing Chat, spending more time there compared to traditional search platforms.

Bing Chat's Clear Advantage
Bing Chat's uncluttered interface allows users can easily focus on text responses. When a visually appealing shopping ad pops up, it's hard to miss, unlike the often busy traditional search interfaces where "ad blindness" is more prevalent.

Deep Dive with AI
According to the article's author, Barry Schwartz, "The increased dwell time on Bing Chat is likely because users spend more time interacting with the bot and delving into detailed answers compared to skimming through search results."

Do you think generative AI will redefine how we engage with online content and ads?

(Note: The data mentioned is based on a conversation between Kya Sainsbury-Carter's and Barry Schwartz and is awaiting validation from Microsoft's PR team.)