Kieron Dony (Technical Director)

Kieron Dony


“The more complex a task, the more rewarding it is to find an elegant solution”

My love affair with programming really started back in 2000 when, whilst studying Computer Science at University I was given my first ‘proper’ development project – a clone of the classic game Battleships.  Naturally I was a bit keen (read green), so I jumped in head first and quickly set about building the user interface and getting the basic 2 player game mode up and running. So far so good, I can actually remember thinking to myself how easy it had been to make my first game – nothing could stop me now. Coupled with the fact I’d finished early it was an easy decision to go for bonus credit; an AI mode, after all, how much harder could it be ? Well I don’t mind telling you now that the answer was a lot, and I quickly found I was out of my depth. Thankfully I had a great lecturer who not only encouraged my ambition but also helped me achieve it and in the process taught me the single most important lesson of programming: anything is possible, you just need to plan well and break the problem down into smaller more manageable pieces. Needless to say, when I finally finished my game (complete with AI) I was over the moon and knew I’d found my calling.

Fast forward another 10 years and here I am at Parker Design, with a wealth more experience but still the same passion for coding and problem solving that I found all those years ago.

Outside of work I like to keep up to date with best practices and new technologies as well as pursuing my other passions; snowboarding, learning to play the guitar and playing squash in the North West Counties League.