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Brand engagement with RAR in June

Pepsico, Netflix and Amnesty International are searching...

In the last month, we’ve had another great mix of brands using recommendedagencies.com. You’ll be delighted to know, brands such as Pepsico, Flybe, World Animal Protection, Amnesty International and Forrest Brown have all been actively using the platform to search for agencies.

In June there were a total of 11633 searchers, our most searched for services this month include web development, digital full service, brand advertising and B2B brand strategy, with popular keyword searches including Creative, SEO and Digital. 


The consulting team have had a busy month working directly with some amazing brands, including; an entertainment brand looking integrated creative services; a global sports brand looking for PR support, a well-known media brand with an international social media brief and a UK based manufacturer searching for a lead strategic and creative partner. 

Brand marketing

This month, we are focusing on the retail sector, talking to brands about the amazing agencies we have on RAR. This means there will be hundreds of retailers searching the platform for an agency partner. If you want to have the best chance of selection, make sure you have all of your agency details, and sector experience shown on site.