Our First Ever Kentico Webinar

9th March 2016

Last month we hosted our very first Kentico webinar. This is not a one-off thing and is instead the first of four to be held across the year.

Our inaugural Kentico webinar was all about Kentico EMS, the flagship product within Kentico which takes the traditional CMS and augments it with an online marketing toolkit. Using Kentico EMS and the powerful marketing tools available within it can help organisations to better understand their customer base and use the knowledge gained to deliver more personalised and valuable experiences for users which in turn can increase conversion rates.

The host for this webinar was Rich Madigan who is a Senior Project Manager and Kentico Consultant here at MMT Digital. He talked through some of the key features available within the software and using a test site, demonstrated how these features can be implemented.

In case you missed the webinar, here's a summary of what was covered...

Beginning with a demonstration of contact management, the central hub which continuously collects data on users, Rich explained how this can be used to build the all-important user personas which provide the starting point for any content personalisation. User personas are vital in the development of any website as these are what we use to determine all of the potential user journeys and this forms the foundations of the planning stage of any project. Once these personas are defined and set up in Kentico, an organisation will be able to immediately start to gather data from site visitors and use this data to sort them into a particular persona. This valuable information will then allow you to use the sophisticated marketing tools to create personalised content for each persona in order to deliver a more valuable user experience and maximise conversion potential.

Rich then went on to talk about some of the different tools available within the EMS software and how these can be used. He first covered A/B and Multivariate testing and how this is used to test variations of pages. By making slight changes to the content, layout, navigation etc. you can see which versions your customers are engaging with more. Next up, he covered the benefits of lead scoring and engagement scoring which enables you to allocate points to activities in order to determine who your most valuable customers are and to see which leads are close to converting into customers, to help you to focus your marketing efforts. 

After demonstrating these sophisticated tools, Rich explained how the information they gather can be used to effectively deliver perfectly timed, personalised marketing communications across multiple customer touchpoints. 

Tip of the iceberg

This is only the first in a series of Kentico webinars we have planned for this year, each one will delve deeper into the power of Kentico and show how you can use the software to create better user experiences and ultimately increase conversion rates. 

We’ll be hosting our next webinar on the 5th May and the topic will be announced nearer the time, along with details of how you can sign up, so keep an eye out! In the meantime, you can find out more about how we work with Kentico here.