Cath Hackett, Konica Minolta

" Lab are very good at looking at a business problem from a different angle and coming up with fact based evidence and recommendations that enable the client to effectively change their digital strategy "

Clare Berry, Collinson

" Lab have been a fantastic partner in development and ongoing enhancement of our website. They work with us as a genuine extension of our team, are very collaborative, fun, bring new thinking and approaches to meet our objectives and are a team that we can depend on to deliver against what can be very challenging needs and timings. I couldn't recommend them more highly! "

Matt Duhig, FX Digital

" Lab have a team of people that each provide their own unique contribution towards the delivery of exceptional work. "

Willow Costello, willow

" Working with Lab on the 17th Annual Podge lunch was a fantastic experience from beginning to end. Creative concept was exciting, refreshing and fun and it was delivered, through all channels, on and off line with style and finesse. A fun, clever and exciting team to work with who understood the audience and delivered above and beyond. Always a few steps ahead, they ensured nothing was missed and there was no last minute worries. From a live events perspective, they were a dream to work with. Calm, Creative and Cool. "

Phil Jones, Phil Jones

" When organising a podge lunch I always ask for a volunteer agency from amongst the guests. It takes a brave agency to take on the challenge knowing that the room will be packed full of their rivals and peers and they have to prove their worth with limited resources. In every aspect working with Lab in 2018 was a joy and at no point over the 6 months build up did I have any doubts they would deliver something special and on time. A really good experience all round. Well done Lab. "

Tom O'Connor, Understood Studio

" Lab are a fantastic team to work with. Their passion, energy and unique human approach is both contagious and culturally inspiring. "

Toby Kesterton, LendLease

" Lab are our go to agency helping us understand our customers and delivering quick wins and huge transformational projects. Highly recommended. "