Apotheek.nl wins for the fourth time: Website van het Jaar 2021

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We’re incredibly proud to announce that the Website van het Jaar award goes to Apotheek.nl for the fourth time in a row! The site was named Best website in the health category, scoring an epic 9.6 like last year.

The Website van het Jaar competition is the largest online audience awards show in the Netherlands. Every year websites are judged on content, design, navigation and intention to recommend, and compete in 40 different categories to be named “Best website” or “Most popular website”.

Apotheek.nl gives visitors clear, actual, and practicable information on health and medication without having to step foot into a pharmacy. The site is an initiative of KNMP (The Royal Dutch Pharmacists Association), and easily accessible for everyone regardless of age, background or disability.

After an extensive rebranding of Apotheek.nl in 2020 it’s great to see the positive reactions from the wider public. The overhaul included a redesign of the logo, building an improved UX, and creating their own illustration style - just to name a few. Other updates were focused on the accessibility of the site like adding a high-contrast toggle for colorblind people and including short videos where pharmacists give detailed medical information. 

DPDK has been working with KNMP for almost a decade, and it’s been a hell of a ride. Over the years Apotheek.nl has grown tremendously and continually evolved. We’re looking forward to next year and can’t wait to show you what we’ve in store.  


Written by Michael Vromans, Chief Creative Officer at DPDK Digital Agency 

The original article can be found at https://dpdk.com/stories/apotheeknl-wins-fourth-time-website-van-het-jaar-2021