Sam Rowlands (Strategy Director)

Sam Rowlands


About me: A marketing nut since watching Dudley Moore in Crazy People. That was when I was 12. Since then I have gone on to graduate from Lancaster in Advertising and Marketing, working across multiple sectors in B2C and B2B markets. I like to adopt a flexible approach to find the right solution and to dig deep to find the insight that will make our Clients stand out from the crowd. Hopefully I’m fairly likable, and I love to meet new people and thoroughly enjoy new experiences.

Inspired by: Tribal behaviour. A great brief, an inspirational springboard – getting to the nub of what motivates people, what brings people together to like the same things, and aspire to consume what others do. Malcolm Gladwell. Time alone with peace and quiet for company. The great outdoorsCreative outlets: The beach, surf and its culture. Travel. Communications strategy. My house. Getting out of my comfort zone.