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Metrology Software Products

Timeframe: Present

MSP make precision engineering possible. The company's software is used across the globe by some of the world's biggest manufacturers, from aerospace to Formula 1. Our task? Understand an impenetrably complex product, and showcase it to very different audiences. Everything about this project depended on understanding exactly what MSP does and doesn't do. It's a complex product with a simple message: use MSP software, and you could save millions. How? By making sure your machine tools are perfectly set up, and every part they produce is within tolerance. And when tolerances are a tenth of the width of a human hair, precision matters. When we began the project, we knew nothing about 5-axis machine tools. Or the difficulties of working with titanium, or the huge cost of tiny errors, deep in a machine. But we did know that the design and the words would need to work side by side to explain it all, so we worked closely with the copywriters at Blackad throughout the project. In our discovery sessions, we learned everything we needed to know - from the mindset of the client's customers, to the kinds of questions their engineers face every day. Then we set to work. Once we understood the products, we had to explain them to two very different audiences: expert engineers who knew that MSP could solve their problems, and time-pressed decision makers who wouldn't know a nozzle from a nosecone. The solution? A clean, modular design to balance bold headlines with detailed explanations. Aside from defining the proposition, the first phase of the web project was relatively straightforward - but we knew the site would scale up in phase two. So we laid the groundwork in the back end for all the functionality the site would need in later iterations: delivering a simple, scalable solution that does everything MSP need it to, now and in the future.

Westray Recruitment Consultants

Timeframe: Present

This project served two purposes. The first, a responsive user friendly website. The second element was to replace a dated, tedious, paperwork heavy registration process with a streamlined web application. Give candidates the ability to search job vacancies, view the detail of a vacancy and allow short listing. Apply for vacancies online, submit a CV and documentation through a drag and drop functionality. Create a registration system to cut administration time down from 30 minutes to 10 minutes and eliminate errors. Once a registration is completed and submitted specific pieces of collected data are emailed to each department representative within Westray so candidates can be processed with the click of a button. Data is also pushed into their internal CRM system via an api. Westray will save in the region of 40 days per year now that this website and application system has been implemented. Since launching the new application they have seen an increase of 34% of candidates applying for positions online and the feedback from both candidates and website administrators has been very positive indeed.

Trinity Academy

Timeframe: Present

A bespoke solution for a unique school. With three schools spread across two sites, Trinity academy needed a website which would not only unify the organisation, but have the power and flexibility to push the most urgent and relative information to the right users. Pupils, parents, teachers and governors all have their own sections within the site and the admin team can push notifications, events and news to them individually, or as a whole.

Identity Consult

Timeframe: Present

When you've always done a lot of different things for many different clients, it's difficult to explain to new prospects exactly what it is you do. We helped Identity Consult cut through this predicament, and present their services clearly to a discerning audience. Our discovery sessions give clients the opportunity to think deeply about what they do. Often this can lead to soul-searching internal discussions, and for Identity Consult the challenge was to clearly define their services. Once they'd done that, we could get to work on making sure the website was as clear as possible - breaking up the complex world of managing large-scale building projects into discrete tasks. Identity Consult's clients are often architect practices, which tend to have stripped-back, minimal websites full of sweeping images and not much else. They look beautiful, but there's not much space for detail. Our client wanted a website they could be proud to send architects to - so we took this as inspiration, while making sure we created a site that could hold all the information the client needed. Visual cues are essential for navigating through the new site. A lot of work went into designing the flow from one section to the next - and how to express everything Identity Consult offer. Two elements in particular help here: we used a screen-filling mega-menu as a simple way to arrange the information, and we created a set of icons to differentiate between the services.

Selfie Frames

Timeframe: Present

A young, fast-moving market needed a swift, youthful approach: launch a web app to design and order a custom-printed selfie frame in moments, with a plucky chatbot to help customers out. Selfie frames are a surprise hit of stag and hen dos, weddings and festivals - it's essentially a large cut-out frame for group photos to mark the event. Once they'd identified a big opportunity in a growing market, our client wanted to launch an effortless web app to respond to the demand. We were targeting a young audience, so we designed the web app to work effortlessly on mobile - from selecting a design right through to paying for it. We had to balance the simplicity of the process with the number of customisation options that customers wanted, then wrap it up in a bright and appealing design. It doesn't matter how excellent your FAQs are if no one's going to read them. And in our client's experience, no one was going near the FAQs - they were getting in touch instead, often with the same questions. So we created Snappy the chatbot, and taught him all about Selfie Frames. He's got the basic questions covered - and for anything more complex, he'll put you in touch with someone. Sorted!

Tyneside Safety Glass

Timeframe: Present

How complicated is a sheet of safety glass? Very complicated. We helped one of the world's leading safety glass manufacturers to organise their products, refine their offering, and share their expertise across sectors. Tyneside Safety Glass supply glass to sectors as varied as agriculture, motorsport, construction, defence, and emergency services. Each industry has different requirements for their safety glass - and each product that Tyneside Safety Glass make has different applications across sectors. Our task? Untangle it to make it easy to find the product you need, however you search. The front end of the site is relatively straightforward - we arranged it by product, industry, and services - but the backend is a different level of complexity. To make sure customers see the products and services that are most relevant to them, we created an intricate system of cross-referencing, that the client could quickly and easily update for any new content in the CMS. The old site was easy to get lost in, as you explore deeper and deeper into the company's history of innovation and expertise. We made sure the new site was much more open and user-friendly, while keeping the same level of detail about the company and its history.

Where The Trade Buys

Timeframe: Present

Where the Trade Buys hadn't sold a single product online when they came to us. The problem? Printing is a complex business, with an impossible number of variables - almost everything can be customised. A simple online shop would never cope. We started on the factory floor, learning how the machines work, how customers order, how the whole business functions. Once we understood the detail and scale of the project, we could design a web application to suit. One thing was certain: to win customers online, we had to make the website incredibly easy to use (and deal with all the complexity behind the scenes). We spent months refining the user experience, each time taking a little more pain out of the process. We built the web application to plug directly into the print management software, and send everything to the right printing machine. Customer orders go straight from web to print, with minimal fuss and very little human intervention. And with an average score of 4.5 stars on Trustpilot, it's working well.


Timeframe: Present

A new brand for secure international logistics. The world of secure international logistics is small. Few firms have a web presence - and most of the business is done through networks. The team behind Ava wanted to shake things up; they needed a strong brand, and a website to make a big impression. We developed the Ava brand to capture the essence of the business. 90% of their cargo is air freight, and they deal all over the world. The Ava name has a hint of aviation in it - and is broad enough to land with an international audience. The website is designed to impress: full of animated details, eye-catching graphics, and high-spec front end technology. We named the business, designed the website, and created a range of offline materials for launch. We also produced the brand guidelines, to make sure Ava collateral was consistent in every office around the world. The results? Being in the business of shipping bullion, precious metals and large quantities of foreign currency means that Ava keeps quiet about its results. But opening offices across the world isn't a bad sign.