Andrew Smith (Marketing Director)

Andrew Smith


A Chartered Marketer accredited by the CIM and Oxford College of Marketing and with a BA in Business Studies, Andrew has spent the last ten years building a wealth of marketing experience and knowledge of search and digital marketing – and has been the driving force behind Click’s own marketing.

Andrew’s role involves the design and delivery of the agency’s annual marketing plan in line with company objectives, and prides himself in using the most up-to-date best practice methodology in both digital and offline channels. He is also responsible for the strategic direction of the content marketing, social media and digital PR teams, and has a strong awareness of what it takes to really build the authority and visibility of a site.

In addition to his exceptional work with Click’s online performance, Andrew has also been responsible for growing and developing annual, in-person event, Click’s Benchmark Search and Digital Marketing Conference – which has helped to deliver cutting edge knowledge to digital marketers throughout the UK from its home in Manchester, and raised the profile of the agency across the continent.

Since joining the agency in 2011, Andy has become an integral part of the senior leadership team, rising to the position of Marketing Director for the agency.