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This guide is designed to help teams in enterprise, engineering, heritage, regeneration and beyond understand how apps and mobile technology work. We’ll explore the opportunities they offer for business transformation – boosting productivity and increasing customer engagement – and the issues to be aware of when commissioning your project.


It’s no exaggeration to state that over the past decade, innovation in mobile technology has kickstarted profound, unprecedented change in the way we communicate, travel, shop, meet and entertain ourselves.

In 2017, we downloaded 352.9 billion mobile apps (source). This shift towards a constantly-connected, digitally-enabled future represents a valuable opportunity to engage customers, employees and stakeholders where they are – sparking real-time, two-way conversations with users, where print, TV and radio media limited them to one-way communication.

Building brand engagement is only the most obvious benefit of mobile technology, however.

Apps and mobile technology can be used to control enterprise systems; to streamline engineering and manufacturing processes; to offer immersive, interactive visitor experiences for heritage organisations. And that’s just the start.

To take advantage of the opportunities on offer, organisations must understand how mobile tech works and how to get the most from it. Much of the information out there about apps and mobile tech is competing and confusing, however.

That’s why we put together this guide: to offer teams of all types a comprehensive guide to apps and mobile technology – whether they’re toying with the idea of building an app, or have already decided to invest in one and want to maximise the value of their project.

We’ll help you understand whether your organisation needs an app; showcase the technological opportunities on offer, and cover the key points you should consider when commissioning your project. We’ll also offer a breakdown of the process our creative technologists follow to build our clients’ apps, so that you can use them in your next project. In doing so, we’ll help you make the most of your app budget and avoid the mistakes businesses often make.

At Calvium, we’ve been building mobile experiences for nearly two decades, working with household names in the engineering, heritage, digital placemaking and creative sectors – including Rolls-Royce, National Trust, The Guardian and Historic Royal Palaces – to create apps that inspire, educate and solve.Our collaborative, exploratory approach has, in turn, earned us ISO 9000 and ISO 20001 accreditation, and The Drum recommended agency status (formerly Recommended Agency Register (RAR)).

We know what works and what doesn’t. 

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