Aruba 360 secure fabric and Digital Workplace.

17th July 2018

Gavin Grissett

Aruba has a well-established and well-deserved reputation as a leading network vendor but they are so much more than that.

It’s this fame as a builder of world class networks that gets in the way of letting people know about their new 360 secure fabric which is probably the best AI driven network security in the world and their products that drive towards the workplace of the future

Aruba asked how we might work together to solve these two distinct problems.

BBD’s ‘Fast and Clean’ approach was used to create global creative campaigns that would talk about security and digital workplace in a new and compelling way.

Both campaigns you see here have been adopted globally by Aruba.

The tone of voice has created a way for the sales force to talk to customers and both campaigns have been taken much deeper into Aruba business, all the way through to providing a striking look and feel for all important conferences.