Ballindalloch Launches Exclusive Single Malt Whisky

23rd August 2023

Nestled deep in the beautiful Highland Spey valley, Ballindalloch has been synonymous with whisky making ever since 1824 when the first distillery was built on the estate. Today, under the leadership of the current Macpherson-Grant family, the grounds of Ballindalloch Castle support a genuine single estate distillery.
As part of a larger brand identity project, Avian feel very privileged to have supported Ballindalloch Distillery in their return to their distilling roots with the design and production of this momentous Distillery Exclusive Single Malt release.
It was important to us that the design of the Distillery Exclusive release was a testament to the family’s authenticity and heritage. With crafted typography inspired from historical archives and premium finishes we delivered a timeless design solution that heralds a new era of distilling for Ballindalloch.

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