What a difference a few years make

11th August 2023

Career progression within our team is something we champion, and Project Manager Cailin has done exactly that in her six years at ALTAR Group.
Cailin said: "Not sure of what I wanted to do after school, I had the opportunity to join ALTAR Group and I’ve never looked back - it's really an amazing place to work.”
"I’ve been given the opportunity to learn so many different aspects of the business, discover my own strengths and develop my skills to progress my career within the company.
"I started as a Business & Administration Apprentice in the finance department and gained an understanding of how each of the companies within the group worked. During this time, I realised I have strong organisational skills and enjoy communicating with clients, so when an opportunity to become a project manager in Blue2 presented itself, I jumped at the chance.
"Everyone at ALTAR has supported me through every step, and I can't thank them enough."
Here's to the next six years, Cailin, and we can't wait to see what you'll be doing then

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